Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: What Men and Women Really Want

Hello SASsy Friends, now that the holiday season is in full swing, it's time to think about gifts for others.  In this week's edition, I will tell you what gifts women and men really want this season.

What Women Want:

Men, women are relatively simple if you pick up on the hints we drop you.  If your lady has been asking your opinion on bags or shoes, that's probably what she wants.  Some of us even go as far as dropping brochures on the counter turned to a specific page or shopping for items we want on your computer so you get served ads for it.  (I just told on myself)

The Bag Lover

Tory Burch "Amanda" Belted Bag $495

The Shoe Lover

If your lady is a shoe lover, get her an amazing pair of boots like these:
LAMB $419 ( I saw these on yesterday for under $300)

Dolce Vita on sale $95

If all else fails, we will always love jewelry!  You should know her birthday so you can always go with a piece that has her birthstone in it or go big with diamonds!!  Here are a few options:

1/2 Carat Diamond Studs $379.99

Black and White Diamond Necklace $349:

What Men Want:

Ladies, men are just as easy to get gifts for.  They tend to talk about things they want all the time.  Most men like gadgets, iPads, Kindle Fire, Xbox or a laptops.  My policy is to get them what they really need and maybe something they want.  Get all the basics as stocking suffers like new underwear, socks and t-shirt and then put the main gift under the tree.  Here are a few gift options:

The Business Man:

Marc Jacobs Satchel $498

The Watch Lover:

Burberry Watch $595:

The Casual Man

Cashmere Sweater $145:

In next week's edition, I will have more great gift ideas based on personalities as well as gifts for the other special people in your life. Have a SASsy Week and happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hottest Bags of the Season

Hello SASsy friends!  This week is all about my latest shopping addiction, handbags!  Since I am on the hunt for a new statement bag, I decided to share some of my favorite picks for tote bags, classic work bags, statement bag and evening clutches.

The Tote Bag:

These bags are essential for women especially those living in major cities like New York, were we have to carry our lives in tote bags to and from work and events.

Longchamp tote bag $88, these super durable bags are perfect for city life

Burberry Tote $228

Tory Burch Tote $525:

The Classic Work Bag:
Every professional woman should have a classy and sophisticated handbag to wear to work.  Check out these stylish options:

Coach Signature: $228

 Coach Poppy Push Lock Satchel $378

Burberry Bowling Bag $650

Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Hobo $438

Marc Jacobs Quilted Sham $1395

Louis Vuitton Monogram $2400

The Statement Bag:

These bags do just what the title suggest, make a statement! Check out these fun colors and animal prints:

Coach Madison Patent Lindsey Satchel $478

Marc Jacobs Classic Hobo (comes in several colors) $428

Marc Jacobs Color Block (also comes in green) $528

Fendi Python Satchel (Saks 5th Avenue exclusive) $1595

Gucci Zebra Print Calfhair $3100

And this one breaks the bank but it's hot the Gucci Python Print Bag a whopping  $3900

The Evening Clutch Bag:
When going out on the town, grab one of these super hot clutches and party the night away!

Bloomingdales Exclusive Animal Print Clutch $118

 Sondra Roberts Satin Rose $118

Michael Kors Tilda Clutch $198

Be&D Clutch $228

Badgley Mischka Evening Clutch $395

...And here's the bank breaker, Burberry Briddled Clutch $895

Whatever bag you chose, just make sure it's a reflection of your personal style and you can't go wrong!

Well, I 'm off to Mexico for vacation,  have a SASsy week!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Best Online Deal Sites

Hello SASsy friends! With so many online flash deal sites it's hard to determine which one is right for you and has the best deals.  This week, I've reviewed my top 5 flash deal sites:,,, and

Each site has been reviewed on site layout/user friendliness, variety of products, sale prices, shipping costs and return polices.

This is one of my personal favorite sites.  Once you purchase an item on the site, your shipping in free for the next 30 days  There is an excellent of products from both high end and regular mainstream designers at seriously discounted prices.  The site has a very clean and easy to navigate layout.

If an item you want has sold out, you are able to select the "still want it" option and if they find the item, they charge your card and send it to you. The return policy allows for either a site credit or full refund of the purchase price minus return shipping.

My favorite part of, is the final sale.  I will block off my calendar so that when 11am EST comes, I can get first dibs on the designers I love at even lower prices. 

Typically this sale is is in 2 "acts" separated alphabetically. This time the designers were randomly selected with a poor selection of bags and shoes. Even worse, the first act usually stays up after the second act starts and this time it didn't.  I even got approval to purchase a handbag and couldn't find one I liked!  Hopefully the next one will be better.

This is another favorite of mine and I spend way too much money on this site.  Ideei has a wide variety of sales daily everything form Hemes bags to Puma workout gear.

The layout is user friendly and I love how they allow you to see a handbag on an actual person. Shipping on this site is $9.95 for your first order and all other orders on that same day ship for free.

If an item you are looking for has sold out, you can wait list it and will be notified if the item becomes available again.  They have awesome final "red" sales with a huge selection of items in a wide range of categories at well below retail prices.

The down side to this site is, unless you are a paid first row member, you don't get first dibs on deals and their customer service is very hard to contact and returns are for store credit only.  Also purchases can take a while to ship, however this has been improving as of late.

This is one of the original deal sites and still one of the best. Gilt has an amazing selection of both high end and regular merchandise daily.

They even have dedicated shops for staples like work handbags, jewelry wardrobe pieces. The home site has tons of items that would make great gifts especially with the holiday right around the corner.

Final sales on this site are great as well and if the item you want is sold out, they will try to find it and allow you to purchase it.

Shipping is $5.95 for your first order and free for all order made in that same day. They have great customer service and the site is very user friendly.

This is one of the best laid out sites on the web. has a great selection of mostly high end brands and even has videos of models wearing the garments.

Right now, they are offering 15% off purchases through the 18th for customer appreciation.  Additionally, they have an amazing selection of home and kitchen goods. They are my go to site for home goods.

Shipping on this site is free in the US and items arrive quickly. Refunds are provided in the form of (parent company) gift cards that can used on Amazon, My Habit or is owned by Nordstrom and is slightly cheaper than most deal sites. While, they may be slightly cheaper, the site is very cluttered and not user friendly.

They have a variety of brands daily, however very few high end brands . Shipping is $9.95 for the first purchase and all other purchases are free for the remainder of the day.

One of the biggest downside is that it takes a while for ordered items to come in.  Refunds are offered on returned items for either site credit or cash, minus a $5.95 shipping charge.

Each of these sites are great it just really depends on what you are shopping for. I've purchased a variety of products from all of them and overall have been satisfied with my purchases. If you would like more information on this sites or recommendations on which one is best for your needs, feel free to leave comments and I will respond quickly.

Have a great week SASsy friends!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Not to Wear: Holiday Edition

Hello SASsy friends!  Now that Halloween is over and the costumes have been packed away until next year, it's time to focus on the holidays.  This is by far my favorite time of year, but finding the right outfit can be a bit of a challenge.  There's nothing worse than arriving at an event dressed completely wrong.  Follow the suggestions below to have a flawless and fashionable holiday season.

Significant Other's Family Holiday Dinner:
As nerve racking as having dinner with significant other's family is to begin with, you absolutely must have the right outfit.  If you are meeting them for the first time, you want to make the right impression and not become a running joke. So, unless you want the family to think you are a stuck up diva, please avoid outfits like this:

Wearing looks like the ones above will almost guarantee, every woman in the family will have a field day talking about how wrong your outfit was.  This talk will continue for years and years to come.  There's no need to overdo it, try these more conservative looks instead:

Office Holiday Party:
Typically, the office holiday party is a time where you let your hair down and have a good time with your co-workers.  However, this is not the time to let it all hang out or wear that sexy little dress in the back of your closet. Unless you want people talking about you on Monday, and not in a good way, avoid showing up looking like one of Beyonce`s backup dancers:

Both of these dresses are hot, but save them for New Year's Eve, not the office party.  Try these more conservative looks instead:

 Friend's Cocktail Party:
This is when you can go a bit jazzier, but keep in mind this is not a reality show and there are no cameras around so you don't need to over do it.  This look is just simply unnecessary:

Keep it classy with something like this instead:

As the holidays approach, I will have more tips on how to dress for various holiday occasions.  Until next time, have a SASsy week!

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And because I couldn't resist, this blog is longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daytime to Nightime: Best Dresses of the Season

Hello SASsy friends, I hope everyone is having a great week.  With the fall in full effect and winter just around the corner, finding the right dress can be a bit of a challenge.  There are multiple choices for for both daytime and evening looks.   Find some thick tights (I love Nicole Miller Sweater Tights), cute boots or pumps and work it!  Here are my pics for the best daytime, career and cocktail dresses of the season.

Daytime Sweater Dress:
This is the perfect dress to stay warm and fashionable.

Calvin Klien Sweater Dress $118

Marc New York Sweater Buckle Dress $138

Career Dresses:
Stay sassy with these great work ready dresses.

Belted Long Peasant Dress $69

Maggie London Color Block Knit Dress $189

Flared Skirt Dress $79

Cocktail Dresses:
After every long work week, it's fun to get dressed up and and hit the town.  Keep the party going with this fun and flirty dresses.

Marina Sequine "Cold Shoulder" Dress $160

Tadashi Shoji One Shoulder Lace Dress $298

Donna Ricco One Shoulder Satin Sheath Dress $138
If you are in the mood to treat yourself and splurge, try Notte by Marchesa.  (Warning this is the kind of splurge where you make sure your significant other never finds the receipt and you cut the tags off before you leave the store)

Floral One Shoulder Dress $795

...And my personal favorite, the Silk Crepe dress also $795

Happy shopping!

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