Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: What Men and Women Really Want

Hello SASsy Friends, now that the holiday season is in full swing, it's time to think about gifts for others.  In this week's edition, I will tell you what gifts women and men really want this season.

What Women Want:

Men, women are relatively simple if you pick up on the hints we drop you.  If your lady has been asking your opinion on bags or shoes, that's probably what she wants.  Some of us even go as far as dropping brochures on the counter turned to a specific page or shopping for items we want on your computer so you get served ads for it.  (I just told on myself)

The Bag Lover

Tory Burch "Amanda" Belted Bag $495

The Shoe Lover

If your lady is a shoe lover, get her an amazing pair of boots like these:
LAMB $419 ( I saw these on yesterday for under $300)

Dolce Vita on sale $95

If all else fails, we will always love jewelry!  You should know her birthday so you can always go with a piece that has her birthstone in it or go big with diamonds!!  Here are a few options:

1/2 Carat Diamond Studs $379.99

Black and White Diamond Necklace $349:

What Men Want:

Ladies, men are just as easy to get gifts for.  They tend to talk about things they want all the time.  Most men like gadgets, iPads, Kindle Fire, Xbox or a laptops.  My policy is to get them what they really need and maybe something they want.  Get all the basics as stocking suffers like new underwear, socks and t-shirt and then put the main gift under the tree.  Here are a few gift options:

The Business Man:

Marc Jacobs Satchel $498

The Watch Lover:

Burberry Watch $595:

The Casual Man

Cashmere Sweater $145:

In next week's edition, I will have more great gift ideas based on personalities as well as gifts for the other special people in your life. Have a SASsy Week and happy shopping!