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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dashing Wedding Decor Pt 2

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Hello again, and thanks for joining us for part two our our dashing wedding decor series.  There are so many ways a bride can achieve the look for her wedding she's always dreamed about.  

Below are some of our favorite wedding decorations from Pintrest and tips on to create the look for your wedding!

White, Gold and Glam

This look was created by using gold chairs and a mixture of high and low centerpieces on medium length rectangular tables surrounded by gold place settings and candles. The dramatic chandelier in the center of the room, adds a touch of drama and completes the look.

Simple Yet Sophisticated:

This simplistic, yet classy look can be created by using tea lights and varying heights of floral bouquets thus creating a clean and elegant look for your wedding.

Amazing Aisle Arch

This look is for the bride who wants to make a very dramatic entrance at her wedding! To create a look like this, you will need to line the aisle with tall, matured, flowering trees in the color of your choice. At the base of the trees, place tons of flower bouquets (hydrangeas work wonderfully for this) and surround them with up-lighting to complete the dramatic effect.

Fabric Draped Romantic Ceremony

This clean and simple design adds a bit of sophistication to an outdoor ceremony space. By draping rows fabric over the guest seating and adding a ring of flowers at the top of each crest, an outdoor space can be transformed into a magical fairy tale like setting. Adding lighting to existing trees,  completes the look and ads an element of romance!

Sassy Statement Making Decor

This modern table design will definitely give your guest something to talk about!  The bright red color, usage of tulips inside of tall vases topped with rose mounds encased with orbiting rings of green leaves is a super creative way to achieve a modern yet elegant and sassy look for your wedding.

Elegance with Sparkle

Try leveraging your table linens to add a pop of drama and sparkle to your reception without going overboard. The flowers in this look were kept simple and allowed the table linens to be the glamorous shows stopping piece for the wedding decor.

Total Glam Long Table Setting

This look is a wedding florist dream come true!  Every inch of this table has been decorated with flowers.  From the custom linens and chair covers to the hanging crystals from the tall vases topped with huge mounds of flowers, this look will leave your guest in awe of the beautiful decor at your wedding!

Romantic Elegance

This is this perfect look for the bride who wants a romantic and elegant look for her wedding.  The usage of various colors and textures of flowers create the perfect ambiance for a romantic reception celebrating the love between the bride and her groom.

We hope these decor ideas provide you with inspiration for the sassy and sophisticated wedding of your dreams!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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If you are a bride to be, bridesmaid or attending a wedding this year and want to look fabulous, this is the sale for you!!

This is an awesome opportunity to score high end designer clothes and shoes for all those showers, parties, and weddings!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dashing Wedding Decor Pt 1

Welcome back to another edition of The SASsy Report. In this week's two part series we focus on creating dashing decor all wedding styles. 

Choosing the right decor for your wedding, can be a daunting task as it sets the tone for your big day.  Once you have determined your style as a couple, then the fun really begins!  Below are some wedding decor ideas that are sure to inspire you.

The Glam Wedding:

You and your fiance love everything over the top and glamorous.  You want your guest to be dressed to the nines and your gown will be amazing with lots of bling.  If this sound like you, these designs just might be the perfect fit!

The Classic Wedding

So maybe over the top isn't your style as a couple, but you still want things to look amazing while keeping with wedding traditions.  If you and your fiance are are more into things looking elegant, classic and timeless, these wedding decor ideas might be perfect for you!

The Country Chic Wedding:

If you and your fiance are more country or earthy people, you might love designs with local flowers, mason jars and earthy colors.  Check out these idea sparking designs:

Be sure to check back for part 2 of our wedding decor series next week.  For more ideas in the meantime, be sure to follow our Pintrest feed:

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ask a Bride: Stacey's Jewish Wedding in Florida

Hello, and welcome back for another edition of "Ask a Bride."  This week, we talk to bride-to-be Stacey, who is planning her Jewish wedding in Florida while living in NYC. She share some highlight from her wedding planning process thus far!

SASsy: Hi Stacey, congratulations on your engagement!  How has the wedding planning process going for you?

So far so good! I have 14 months to plan, since the time I got engaged so it was busy at first locking down the big stuff, and now it is a little quieter until it gets closer. Also, my mom has been helping a lot since the wedding is in Florida, where my family lives.

SASsy: Giving yourself enough time to plan is something that we've heard a lot from brides so we think 14 month engagement is perfect! Where and when and how large will your wedding be? 

My wedding will be in Palm Beach, Florida in March. We are expecting about 175 people.

SASsy: Planning a wedding out of state can be challenging, how have you gone about managing all of the details long distance? 

My family has been very helpful throughout the process. Especially my mom. She just helped plan my sister’s wedding 2 years ago, so she is a pro now! My fiancĂ© and I fly down every few months, so when we are down there, there is a lot of wedding planning going on.

SASsy: I bet!  I'm assuming you picked your venue on one of your trips to Florida. How did you know your venue was perfect for your wedding? 

We saw about 5 venues the one we chose was the last one. We just felt it when we saw it. It was so different and beautiful. Just felt like us.

SASsy: Have you selected your dress yet, and if so what styles were you interested in?

Yes, I got a strapless A-Line dress!
Strapless A-Line bridal gown Stacey is keeping her dress a surprise!

SASsy: How many stores did you go to before you found the gown? 

I went to 4 stores,  3 in Florida and 1 in NYC. I ended up getting the dress at a store  in NYC.

SASsy: What has been your biggest challenge so far in planning your wedding? 

Right now it is keep the guest list down. Once the families combined all their guest lists, we realized we were a bit over (even considering those who wouldn’t come). Our venue is not that big, so we need to make sure we land at the right number.
Managing the guest list is one of the most common wedding planning challenges

SASsy: What did you find to be the most helpful resource when choosing your vendor?  How did you evaluate your vendors? 

We went mostly by word of mouth (friends and family who knew of past weddings and events). We evaluated based on location, size, appearance, food, price, and what felt the most ‘special’.

SASsy: Are you incorporating any Jewish traditions into your wedding?  if so, can you share with us what you will be doing?

Doug and I will be incorporating a few Jewish traditions into our wedding. During the ceremony, we will be getting married under a Chuppah which is a marriage canopy that symbolizes the couples first home. 

Jewish Chuppa
Doug will also be doing the traditional breaking of the glass (stomping on glass). There are several interpretations of why this is done from the reminder of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem to  symbolizing the love of the couple and how fragile it can be so it must be cared for and not broken.

Stomping on a glass at a Jewish Ceremony

SASsy: What have you enjoyed the most about being a bride-to-be? 

All the excitement of what is to come. The planning has been fun, but a bit stressful, but in the end I know I will be married to the most amazing guy so it is all worth it!

SASsy: Do you have any surprises planned for your guests? 

The venue itself will definitely be a surprise for our guests as it is so different.

SASsy: What’s the best piece of advice you can share with other brides- to-be? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end everything will be perfect. People get so caught up in the craziness sometimes and forget what the wedding is all about…getting married.

We will be sure to follow up with Stacey after her big day in March! 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sassy & Sophisticated Bride Vol 4: The Wedding Salon Bridal Expo Recap

Hello SASsy Friends! Last night I attended The Wedding Salon's bridal expo in NYC.  I went to one of their events a few months ago and absolutely loved it, so my expectations were very high for this event as well.  

Since I am planning my own wedding, I was specifically looking for wedding invitation vendors and reception decor ideas.  I was a bit disapointed with the lack of vendors, this time around.  It seemed that every other station was a dentist or cosmetic procedure vendor, however I still came away with some great ideas for my wedding.

Wedding Reception Decor:

This is by far my favorite design at the show.  I loved every element of this design right down to the chair sashes.  The soft colors and use of crystals with multiple types of flowers are going to be very popular for next year's spring brides!
Design by Diana Gould LTD
I also loved this candelabra design, it's very classy and elegant with lots of bling!

Don't you just love the tiny crystals in the bouquet of flowers!

Design by Diana Gould LTD
Planning a country sheek wedding?  If so, these looks could be perfect for you!

Place Settings:

There were several place setting ideas with various charger plates and napkin rings.  Adding these two elements can really help pull your look together and I loved the use of napkins to add a pop of color to the table setting!

Wedding Dresses:

There were live brides modeling wedding gowns, however this is one area that I felt the event was lacking in.  Previously, there were several bridal vendors there and this time there were only 2 or 3.  While I loved this dress, I just with there had been more.  

The Wedding Cake:

Don't forget the cake! I love this cake with so many different textures and designs it's almost too pretty to cut!  If there had been samples, it would have been awesome!.

Wedding Invitations:

For those of you looking to really make an impression on your guests, try these boxed invites.  The prices may break the bank, but you can guarantee people wont throw these away.

ECR Designs
One thing I noticed is that the up-lighting really affected the way the pictures turned out, most of them are very dark or have a blue or purplish tent to them.  This is something to keep in mind if you are planning on using up-lighting at your wedding.

Overall the event was nice, but didn't live up to my expectations since the first one was so amazing with way more vendors, samples and free champagne. But, I'm keeping an optimistic out look for the next event and I'm sure I'll come away with even more great ideas!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

SASsy & Sophisticated Bridals Vol 3: Wedding Dress Favorites

Hello SASsy Friends, shopping for your wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding.  There's so much emotion and thought that goes into finding that perfect dress that a bride will walk down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams in.   

This week, we feature our favorite dresses for traditional, glam, contemporary/modern and sexy brides!

The Traditional Bride:
Many brides are opting to stick with traditional looks for their big day.  They love lace and having that "bridal" feeling but still want modern touches.

JLM Couture AV9215 

Pronovias  Balcan

Allure Bridals 8963

Allure Romance 2510

The Glam Bride:
Some brides want to really stop the show on their wedding day.  These ladies like everything big, over the top and with as much bling as possible!

Allure Couture C206
Eve of Milady 4271

Allure Bridals 8901

Mia Solano M491C

Kenneth Pool Degan
The Contemporary/Modern Bride:
This bride wants to make a statement and have fun doing it. Brides who are more contemporary or modern love gown with texture, feathers and anything that doesn't look traditional!

Alvin Valentina 9251 

Ines di Santo Bardot

Lazaro Lz3253
Mia Solano M119z
Demetrios Sposabella 4289

The Sexy Bride:
This bride is sexy and she knows it and is not afraid to flaunt it!

Ines di Santo Jewel

Pnina Tornai
Sincerity Bridal 3703
Stottero & Midgley Bella

Like any of the dresses you see here, or have questions you would like to see answered in The SASsy Report?  We want to hear from you, leave comments and feedback!

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