Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dashing Wedding Decor Pt 2

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Hello again, and thanks for joining us for part two our our dashing wedding decor series.  There are so many ways a bride can achieve the look for her wedding she's always dreamed about.  

Below are some of our favorite wedding decorations from Pintrest and tips on to create the look for your wedding!

White, Gold and Glam

This look was created by using gold chairs and a mixture of high and low centerpieces on medium length rectangular tables surrounded by gold place settings and candles. The dramatic chandelier in the center of the room, adds a touch of drama and completes the look.

Simple Yet Sophisticated:

This simplistic, yet classy look can be created by using tea lights and varying heights of floral bouquets thus creating a clean and elegant look for your wedding.

Amazing Aisle Arch

This look is for the bride who wants to make a very dramatic entrance at her wedding! To create a look like this, you will need to line the aisle with tall, matured, flowering trees in the color of your choice. At the base of the trees, place tons of flower bouquets (hydrangeas work wonderfully for this) and surround them with up-lighting to complete the dramatic effect.

Fabric Draped Romantic Ceremony

This clean and simple design adds a bit of sophistication to an outdoor ceremony space. By draping rows fabric over the guest seating and adding a ring of flowers at the top of each crest, an outdoor space can be transformed into a magical fairy tale like setting. Adding lighting to existing trees,  completes the look and ads an element of romance!

Sassy Statement Making Decor

This modern table design will definitely give your guest something to talk about!  The bright red color, usage of tulips inside of tall vases topped with rose mounds encased with orbiting rings of green leaves is a super creative way to achieve a modern yet elegant and sassy look for your wedding.

Elegance with Sparkle

Try leveraging your table linens to add a pop of drama and sparkle to your reception without going overboard. The flowers in this look were kept simple and allowed the table linens to be the glamorous shows stopping piece for the wedding decor.

Total Glam Long Table Setting

This look is a wedding florist dream come true!  Every inch of this table has been decorated with flowers.  From the custom linens and chair covers to the hanging crystals from the tall vases topped with huge mounds of flowers, this look will leave your guest in awe of the beautiful decor at your wedding!

Romantic Elegance

This is this perfect look for the bride who wants a romantic and elegant look for her wedding.  The usage of various colors and textures of flowers create the perfect ambiance for a romantic reception celebrating the love between the bride and her groom.

We hope these decor ideas provide you with inspiration for the sassy and sophisticated wedding of your dreams!

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