Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Hair & Fashion Trends

Hello SASsy friends!  I'm back from Toronto and ready to report on all of the SASsy happenings since last week.  First off, Toronto was absolutely amazing!  I highly recommend taking a trip to our northern neighbor for a weekend get away.  Ladies, you will love the HUGE shopping mall complete with American, Canadian and European stores.

So onto this week's topic, summer hair and fashion trends.  Each season we see a major change in how ladies are dressing and accessorizing their looks and this season is no different.  Below is a list of trends and tips for hair, nails, shoes and clothes.


This season the natural look is definitely in! Women of all backgrounds across the country are putting down their flat irons, backing away from the relaxer and letting their natural essence shine. The transition from straight hair back to natural curls can be a challenge but the end result of much healthier hair is well worth the struggle.  Fortunately, there are several product lines and salons that specialize in natural hair.

I have tried Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, (works ok, but is too greasy and I don't love the smell) Mixed Chicks (highly recommend this and it's best so far), Miss Jessies (like it, but don't love the products once again too greasy and tends to work better on more tightly curled hair) Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner (highly recommend this if your hair tangles easily like mine does) and today I took a trip to Devachan. 

The salon itself is awesome! The customer service is impeccable and you will get a cut based on your specific hair and it's needs.  The stylist listened to my desire for more shape without losing length and the cut turned out fabulous.  She even took the time to teach me how to detangle and manage my hair on my own.

The downside to this salon, is that they push their products too much and they didn't work.  After my hair was dried and styled,  I ended up looking like Medusa! Seriously, I think if a man had stared into my eyes he would have instantly turned to stone. To prevent such a tragedy, (and to conceal my identity) I wore dark shades thus avoiding leaving a trail of stone figures on the M train. 

Once I got home and washed the products out, my hair looked great and I think I'll be able to manage it better. In conclusion, I recommend the salon for a cut but not products and style.  (TIP: I use, Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner, Jojoba oil and/or Carrot Oil.  These products leave your curls full, in place and moisturized.)


My biggest pet-peeve about last season was the super bright red lipstick, especially against pale skin and hair combined with the wrong outfit = complete train wreck! Now it is true, every woman can wear red, however you must pick your colors carefully to avoid looking like Ronald McDonald. 

Thankfully for summer, ladies are switching from the super bright reds, to various shades of pink.  Everything from hot pink to a natural or pale pink are in.  When choosing a color, consider your outfit first.  If you are wearing very bright color with and/or busy patterns, go with a lighter shade on your lips and play up your eyes.  There is nothing worse than looking like you could direct traffic by simply standing in the street.  When wearing shades of white, neutral colors and/or soft patterns, play with a more saturated lip color.  This will make your features pop and keep you from looking dull and washed out.


Neutrals and pastels are in and I am absolutely loving this trend! There are so many shades of pink, purple, orange, nudes etc to chose from a girl can go color crazy.  I recently tried a Barbie doll pink and loved it! With so many nail options, I might have a different color each week. Be sure that your nail color complements your skin tone.  A color too close to your skin tone will look like you have a fungus or some other nail malfunction aka a hot mess. (TIP: When getting a mani and pedi, your toes should be a shade or two darker than your fingers.) 


Summer 2011 is all about whites, neutrals, floral patterns and flowing fabrics.  For a great daytime look, consider a long skirt in a solid neutral color with a white tank and pastel jacket.  Throw in a scarf if it feels right and accessorize modestly. This look will transition well from day to night and you will be comfortable and cool all day long.

This summer's must have item in footwear is Espadrilles.  These classic yet very versatile shoes go with almost any outfit and will transition well from day and night.  (TIP: If you are going to a daytime party or a bbq, skip the super high stilettos and go with a wedge or espadrille instead.  You will avoid having your heels sink into grass while also avoiding looking like the walk of shame showed up at the party.)  This type of shoe rarely goes out of style, so invest in a few pairs that you will enjoy for years to come.  

Well SASsy friends, that's all for this week edition, feel free to comment and make suggestions for upcoming topics.

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Keep it SASsy!