Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dashing Wedding Decor Pt 1

Welcome back to another edition of The SASsy Report. In this week's two part series we focus on creating dashing decor all wedding styles. 

Choosing the right decor for your wedding, can be a daunting task as it sets the tone for your big day.  Once you have determined your style as a couple, then the fun really begins!  Below are some wedding decor ideas that are sure to inspire you.

The Glam Wedding:

You and your fiance love everything over the top and glamorous.  You want your guest to be dressed to the nines and your gown will be amazing with lots of bling.  If this sound like you, these designs just might be the perfect fit!

The Classic Wedding

So maybe over the top isn't your style as a couple, but you still want things to look amazing while keeping with wedding traditions.  If you and your fiance are are more into things looking elegant, classic and timeless, these wedding decor ideas might be perfect for you!

The Country Chic Wedding:

If you and your fiance are more country or earthy people, you might love designs with local flowers, mason jars and earthy colors.  Check out these idea sparking designs:

Be sure to check back for part 2 of our wedding decor series next week.  For more ideas in the meantime, be sure to follow our Pintrest feed:  http://pinterest.com/thesassyreport/

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