Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weddings, Weddings and Hair Oh My!!

As you all know, the most SASsy event of the century aka the Royal Wedding is happening Friday, April 29th. (Well it's the most SASsy event until I get married; but that's a different blog that won't be written for a few years down the road)  If you want to watch the wedding live, be sure to set your alarm clock because it will be on very early at 6am on the East Coast. Much to my boyfriend's chagrin, I WILL be watching the wedding live even if we are on vacation. Sorry honey, you will live, love you smooches!

So what's the big deal about this Royal Wedding anyway? Well for one, Prince William is the son of the late Princess Diana. Diana’s wedding to Price Charles was the 2nd most expensive wedding in history and at the time, the most watched live event in TV history. So this wedding definitely has high standards to live up to.

Secondly, it’s kinda, sort of, but not really a Cinderella story.  Kate Middleton is a commoner who is marrying into royalty and becoming a princess.  Which is every 5 year old little girl's dream; until she realizes that being a princess isn't all it’s cracked up to be. Your life will pretty much suck once the dress comes off and the tiara goes on and you are awakened for events by 7am EVERY day.  Dream over. 

But for most women, we all want to see the dress and the flowers and critique every little detail and take notes on how we would do it better.  Or, we simply want to gossip about it with other women.  Whatever our reasons maybe, at the end of the girls will be girls and we like weddings.  It’s just that simple. So sorry fellas, you guys get 40 days and 40 nights of playoff basketball and a plethora of other sporting events and we only get a royal wedding once every 30 years, so suck it up lol!

Since we are discussing weddings, ladies if you are dying to get your wedding dress from Klienfeld’s, but the prices give you a heart attack, you're in luck! The store featured on the hit show, “Say Yes to the Dress” is having their annual 70% off sale on May 3rd at 3pm.  I highly suggest you get there early because the line will be down the block hours before 3pm. Dresses will be as low as $800 and go as high as, well it's Klienfelds, so you can go as high as your imagination or budget will allow.  But hey it's your wedding and you only get married once right, so budget smudget.

For more bridal tips check out this blog from one of my many engaged friends Angela: The Blessed Bride http://theblessedbride.blogspot.com/

So here’s where the hair discussion comes in, just in case you were wondering why it was in the title of this blog J

As some of you may know, last week I joined the cast of Life Full Circle Radio on blogtalkradio.com as the fashion and entertainment reporter. The show discusses hot topics nad news event. With me joining the show, we now have 2 very opinionated men, 2 even more opinionated women, and our host who stays neutral, so needless to say the discussions get very interesting.  

This week in my entertainment report, I will be discussing my latest very, very, shameful guilty pleasure, “Mob Wives” (I’m shaking my head in shame as I type this).  As if "Mob Wives" won’t take up enough of the discussion, I will also talk about about the return of my girl, Queen Bee aka Beyonce` and her new single. So far the reviews haven’t been that great hmmm…

Additionally, on the show, this week’s hot topic is Good Hair.  Many of you may have seen the Chris Rock documentary, but how do you really feel about it and what do men think about the natural hair vs relaxers and weave? Check out the show and feel free to call in and join the debate. I’ll even talk about my painful transition from flat ironing back to my natural curls. I used to have beautiful super curly hair but right now my curls have been damaged and don’t quite curl right.  So far I look a hot mess and have even been compared to Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I’m starting to figure out what works for me and it’s getting better each day.

Well SASsy friends, I'm off to Toronto, Canada this weekend some much needed R&R.  I'll be sure to report on all of the fun and SASsy events in next week's blog. Be sure to follow me on twitter @MzSAS.

This week's sales:
·         Klienfelds- 70% off wedding dresses sale May 3rd @ 3pm 
·         Victoria's Secret- Free shipping with the purchase of a full price bra
·         The Limited- 60% off markdowns
·         Ann Taylor Loft- 40% markdowns
·         Macy’s – Friends and Family sale take an extra 25% off all regular, sale and clearance price   items with your coupon or promo code online MACYSFF
·         Loehmann’s- 40% off all red sticker clearance items

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