Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall into Fashion

Hello SASsy friends, summer is quickly coming to an close and the fall season is upon us.  If you are like me and not used to having real seasons, you need to ramp up your wardrobe and fast.  Here are my top three fall fashion favorites and a few tips on how to snag them without breaking the bank.

Fall Favorite #1: Plaid

Say good-bye to the old farmer paid shirts and say hello to a trendy fall remix.  Plaids go well with almost any basic color.  I love a plaid jacket with a solid color pant or skirt for a crisp fall look. Another, equally as fashionable look, is to wear a plaid skirt with a solid top and pair it with knee high boots.  Make sure the boots are simple without a lot of embellishments on them as to not look over done.

Fall Favorite #2: Warm Colors

Just because summer is over, doesn't mean you have to pack away all your color in your wardrobe. Avoid sending yourself to the asylum from wardrobe depression and wear warm rich colors such as reds, oranges and greens.

There are tons of ways to add color to your fall wardrobe.  For starters, you can wear a nice jacket or overcoat a warm color.  This will provide a fresh fall look and have you looking very stylish as you head to the office.

There are lots of fun dresses and other pieces available in fall friendly colors such and forest green, eggplant and royal blue.  These pieces can be work with multiple blazers, jackets and sweater options, thus creating a versatile wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Favorite #3: Fun Funky Shoes:

My favorite thing to shop for is SHOES!! Not just any old shoe will do for me, I need some baaaaad ones. For fall it's all about booties and closed toe cuties that can be worn with multiple looks. 

Booties have been a fall favorite for years and can even be worn on colder nights with thick tights. Try looking for them in different colors and styles.  Booties (and boots) with buckles are very popular this season.  Check out these fun red booties and a tan pair from L.A.M.B (one of my favorite shoe lines):

Also this season, pumps will be taking a new twist on an old classic.  You will find lots of fun colors, styles and shoes with lots of fabulous embellishments.  Wearing shoes like this are sure to be a conversation piece. Check out these looks from Dior and Louboutin:


Now, I know a lot of the items I showcased in this blog may be a tad bit pricey, (well not even a tad bit, they are flat out expensive), but looking at high end designer options, gives you a good idea of what you like and what availalbe on the retail shelves.

I recommend browsing fashion magazines and marking items that you like to going shopping.  This provides you with direction so you don't end up just buying everything you see.  Believe me, I am  guilty of buying a whole bunch of stuff I didn't need due to a directionless shopping trip. It also, gives you a good idea what items you are looking for as well as their price you can set your shopping budget accordingly.

Lots of stores are offering discounts on their fall preview as well as promotions for email subscribers.  Sign up for your favorite store's email list and like them on Facebook to receive exclusive offers. Do your research and find out who is having a sale, what's included in that sale, and the start and end times before you shop.

Happy Fall Shopping!

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