Thursday, June 14, 2012

SASsy and Sophisticated Bridals Vol. 1

Hello SASsy Friends,

Weddings and bridal fashion have been a life long passion of mine.  Ever since I got my first Wedding Day Barbie, I've dreamed of that special day where I would wear a white dress and walk down the aisle towards the man of my dreams. To be completely honest, I'm kind of obsessed with weddings, I watch every wedding show on TV and I've helped several friends find the perfect wedding dresses and have loved every minute of it.

One of my goals in life is to open a bridal and run a bridal store so that I can combine my love of retail and all things bridal. Sine it's finally my turn to be a bride,what better way to start researching for my future bridal salon SASsy and Sophisticated Bridals!

The SASsy report will now be a bridal blog that will discuss bridal fashion, how and where to score the best deals on wedding dresses, finding the the right dress for your body and everything else related to bridal fashion.  Additionally, the blog will feature tips and tricks to planning the perfect wedding, decor ideas and even how to deal with hot button topics that come up during wedding planning.

Each week the SASsy report will share stories from my own journey down the aisle as well as testimonies from other brides and interviews with other bridal professionals. Whether you are obsessed with weddings or are a bride yourself, The SASsy Report will have something for everyone!

Next week, I'll be interviewing CitizenLMS ( a fashion designer who will be providing tips on how to get the right dress for your body and accessorizing your wedding day look.

If you would like to see any specific bridal topic covered, please leave comments and I'll be sure to include it in my next post.

I am very excited about where this blog is going to go and thank each of you for your continued support.  Until next time, have a SASsy and Sophisticated week!

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