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SASsy & Sophisticated Bridals Vol. 3: Vendor Feature The Blessed Bride LLC

Hello SASsy friends, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far.  Planning to get married is one of the most magical times in a woman's life.  She's been blessed with the man of her dreams and having parties thrown in her honor as she prepares to embark on her next journey in life becoming a wife.
Our guest this week is Angela Reed founder of The Blessed Bride LLC (TBB) wedding and event planning company based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Angela shares with us the inspiration behind the creation of her business and gives us a sneak peak into her southern belle bridal shower.

SASsy:   Angela what was your inspiration behind creating The Blessed Bride LLC? 

TBB: The inspiration behind The Blessed Bride© (TBB) came to me during my own engagement season.  I coined the phrase for myself during that time!  I truly feel that the Lord led me into this venture. 

Regarding my background, for many years prior to my engagement, I have planned events, small and large; from weddings and showers to reunions and concerts.  I would also have to take into account my years of being in the wedding industry as a flower girl, junior bridesmaid, and bridesmaid!  I’m certain that I have Katherine Heigl’s character beat in “27 Dresses!”

Angela Reed of The Blessed Bride LLC.

SASsy:  Can you describe the services offered by The Blessed Bride?

TBB:  TBB offers full-service wedding planning and coordination services.  In addition, we specialize in proposal planning, engagement events, as well as anniversary celebrations. 

We value building relationships with our clients. From the moment a gentleman is ready to propose through the couple’s first anniversary; we want to make those moments special and tailored specifically to the couple! 

 I am truly blessed to have my husband, Patrick, serve as the director for The Gentleman Groom©.  The Gentleman Groom© division of TBB offers advice and preparation to guys planning to propose.

Angela and her husband Patrick

SASsy:    How should brides decide on a theme for their wedding?
TBB: Prior to discussing themes, I always suggest that brides make a list with her fiancé about their mutual interests; things that they absolutely love…and things that they can absolutely do without! 

From that point, the bride can move forward with deciding what elements will best reflect their style.  Consider colors and how they will appear in contrast with the selected venue.  Think about incorporating elements that are truly specific to your tastes.  

Purple and Gray Color Inspiration Board from

SASsyWhen looking for a wedding venue, what are the most important things for a bride to consider?

TBB: A bride should definitely feel a connection with the venue of choice, thus I strongly suggest visiting venues in person prior to making a deposit! 

While touring the venue, you should be able to visualize your wedding from start to finish.  Many times, budgets become an issue when brides are looking to select the perfect venue.  Consider what the venue has to offer that is included in the cost.  

Chateau Elan  Atlanta, GA
SASsy:  What advice can you give brides to help them choose the right vendors?
TBB: Building relationships can go a long way when selecting vendors.  During our wedding season, the photographer that my husband and I selected has grown to become a wonderful family friend! 

Reviews and referrals are key in deciding upon vendors.  Browse images of weddings from family members, friends, and co-workers and ask if they would refer their vendors to you.  Quite often, many vendors will honor a referral credit towards your wedding, thus saving you more money! 

I strongly discourage going with a vendor because they may be the least expensive.  Quality work comes from quality vendors.  Consider that piece of advice also when selecting wedding vendors.

SASsy: As a wedding planner, what are the most common challenges and questions from brides?
TBB: One of the most common challenges I’ve encountered has been when brides are trying to meet everyone’s needs but their own.  Yes, everyone wants a beautiful wedding, but if that means you are busting your budget to suit others, that’s not the way to go. 

 I have also come across brides who have carried the weight of the wedding party on their shoulders!  Trust in your planner that they will see that everyone is taken care of, informed of their duties, and ready to roll on your wedding day. 

SASsy: With so many options available for brides, which resources do you recommend for brides to get ideas for their wedding?
TBB:   With the introduction of Pinterest, Twitter and other social media forms, it is now easier than ever to gather ideas for your wedding.  I suggest using those options, in addition to good ol’ magazines! 

Check out bridal magazines from your hometown

Sometimes, vendors and manufacturers will offer details and images that cannot be found online within bridal/wedding magazines.  Wedding reality television shows are booming!  Although they do provide entertainment beyond measure, I suggest that brides stick with visuals from the web and printed materials.

SASsy:  How can brides achieve the wedding of their dreams and still stay within their budget?
TBB: A key point to maintaining a wedding budget is to know how to get the most ‘bang for your buck!’  If you are a fan of flowers and greenery, look for venues with those elements that already exist (i.e. botanical gardens).  This will save your floral budget a tremendous amount of cash!  

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Brooklyn, NY

If you prefer more architectural elements, visit museums and historic centers.  This can also add an attraction to your wedding that gives guests something to do during the transition from ceremony to reception.  Beautiful churches are always a wonderful venue staple for brides who prefer an indoor wedding setting.

SASsy:  Your own bridal shower was a very classy Southern style event with big hats and all. How did you come up with that idea?
TBB:   I am a true southern Georgia gal!  My mother has one of the largest hat collections I’ve seen!  Her love for hats has definitely passed onto me.  Hats instantly add a touch of classic, southern sophistication to a shower or social event.  The southern themed shower truly captured a part of my personality.  I also hosted a hat-themed birthday brunch a few years prior, so anytime I can add a hat, I’ll do it!
Angela's big hat southern bridal shower

SASsy: In your own experience as a bride, what was your favorite part(s) of your wedding?

TBB:   Where do I begin?!  I really enjoyed planning with my then-fiance’, Patrick.  He brought a different point-of-view to things, which incorporated some of the more memorable moments from our wedding weekend.  We really enjoyed hosting our rehearsal dinner aboard the Savannah River Queen Riverboat.  What a fun way to kick off our wedding weekend!  Guests were able to celebrate with us, and enjoy themselves while cruising down the Savannah River. 

Patrick and I also enjoyed incorporating our wedding party into our first dance!  This opened the floor for the guests to start the party after dinner.  During the ceremony, we took communion and received a special marriage blessing from my parents, which was a very special and intimate moment for us to share before the Lord with our family and friends as witness.  And, of course, we had the best wedding party ever!  Our family and friends created memories that will last a lifetime!

SASsy:    What is your favorite piece of advice to give to other soon to be brides?
TBB:  Stay centered and focus on your marriage, not the wedding!  Many of the couples whom I have consulted with have also begun their premarital counseling process.  I encourage them to pray about the union in which they are about to enter, in addition to simply enjoying their engagement season! 

Another valuable piece of advice:  Communicate with your fiancé every step of the way.  Many times, guys are pushed out of the wedding planning process due to a brides’ excitement about “her day.”  On the contrary, the guy proposes, thus he starts the wedding planning process!  Even if you have a “keep that wedding magazine away from me” type of fiancé, at the least, keep him up-to-date and informed of obligations designated to him and his groomsmen on wedding day.

I would like to thank Angela for contributing to this week's blog.  If you would like more information on The Blessed Bride LLC please check out her website or follow her on twitter @theblessedbride.

Next week will begin our "Ask a bride" series featuring Ashley who threw a beautiful Memphis wedding with the perfect favors!

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  1. Thank you to The SASsy Report for a wonderful interview! I look forward to working with you in the future! Continued blessings!

    ~ Blissfully yours,

    Angela Byrd Reed
    The Blessed Bride, LLC (web) (blog)
    @theblessedbride (twitter)

    "We are blessed to bless again..."

    Gen. 2:24 :: "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." (NIV)

  2. It was a pleasure working with you Angela and I look forward to collaborating again in the future!


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