Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get the Right Deal Online

Hello SASsy friends, I hope everyone is enjoying fashion week.  By now you have noticed that there are tons of "deal" sites popping up left and right.  Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right deal for you online.

Tip 1: Try Before You Buy

There are tons of fashion sites offering great deals on designer clothes. But guesing your size can make online deal shopping tricky and some sites only give site credits on returns.

Before you look for deals take a trip to your favorite department stores and try on clothes by designers you like.  Be sure to write down the sizes and styles that work for you.  This way, when they are featured on a deal site you don't have to guess whether or not it will fit. The same thing goes for shoes, try them in the store and find an online deal for a fraction of the cost!

Here are some of the great deals you can sore online right now!

Jones NY Pants $45

NYLA Webebe Boots $75

7 For All Mankind Men's Jeans $99

French Connection Zola Dress $115

NYLA Becka High Heel Pump $50

Tip 2: Order Evening Attire Custom Made Online

If you follow me on twitter, you may remember my recent melt down about my evening gown I wore in Miss Florida when I was 25 no longer fitting. I was distraught for several reasons.  When online shopping for the perfect evening gown to wear to an upcoming wedding, I stumbled upon 

I'll be honest, when I first found this site I was a bit skeptical, but I came to find that this is the best thing that ever happened to dresses! is a Chinese dress wholesaler that custom makes evening gowns, wedding and bridesmaid dresses way less than department store prices. You get the pick the fabric, color, gve them your exact measurement and they make the dress tailored to your body.  There is a large selection on their site and you can even submit other dresses not featured on the site.

I had this dress custom made and shipped within 15 days for $250!  When it arrived yesterday it was perfect and the quality impeccable, the same as you would find in a department store! I'll be sure to post pictures once I wear it.

Tip #3: Do Your Homework

With so many deals for "spas" you really have to research them before you purchase the deal.  I recently redeemed a deal purchased on for a shellac manicure, spa pedicure and glass of wine for $30 and Veda Spa in NYC.  This place was the furthest thing from a spa, I actually needed a trip to the spa afterward to relax!

Veda Spa is your typical loud nail salon with poor ventilation and even with an appointment, I still had to wait for 30mins. My manicure was awful, she got the shellac on my cuticles and it chipped off with in a few days.  To add insult to injury, my "free glass of wine" was served in a styrofoam cup! Who does that? Wine taste awful when it's not in a wine glass ewwww!

To avoid a dreadful experience like mine, check out the website and read reviews before purchasing a deal.   No matter how steep the discount or how good of a deal it may seem to be, there is nothing worse ending up in a fake spa hoping to get good service and relax.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to have success shopping for deals online.  Happy Shopping!

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